Breaking: Absolute Poker to Admit Insider Cheating Took Place

Absolute_imageWell Mark Seif said earlier today that he wants to find out the truth as do the thousands of online poker players who have been following the Absolute Poker cheating scandal, and it looks like they’re about to get it. Perhaps.

Adam Small, one of the owners of the Costa Rican-based, just posted on the P5 forum saying that they have received a phone call from Absolute Poker confirming the suspicions of the online poker community over the past month.

“While we need to be vague in this post to respect their wishes, we can say that their systems were compromised, and that they are prepared to provide the details in a statement coming shortly,” shared Small.

“Part of the statement will include a plan to refund players affected by this compromise.”

For Small’s complete post on the Absolute Poker news, go here.

While we’ve yet to express our opinion on what all this means for online poker, as some have asked, we will say for now that the guys we met a few years ago running Absolute Poker came across as a bunch of greedy, unscrupulous frat dards content with sucking and with very little concern in ever building a legitimate business operation. We also think that this is an extremely isolated incident involving a couple of despicable fucks who cheated players out of thousands despite, if the claims about Scott Tom and AJ Green are proven true, already making millions rather easily from running a poker site. And oh yeh, we can’t understand how anyone is still playing on Absolute Poker but thousands still are right now. Baffling.



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