BREAKING: Erick Lindgren Risking Over $300k on Golfing Prop Bet

Kendra golfWe got a call from Gavin Smith late last night informing us that Erick Lindgren just accepted a $100,000 prop bet with the following rules:

:: He had to play four rounds of golf at Bear’s Best in one day.

:: He had to walk all four rounds back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

:: He’d be shooting from the pro tees.

:: He had to shoot under 100 on all rounds.

Within 15 minutes, Phil Ivey added another $200k to the bet, pushing the total near $350k.

As with most great prop bets, this one came from nowhere. Lindgren, Gavin and a few others were out drinking. Lindgren mentioned how unhappy he was with his performance in the H.O.R.S.E. event and to punish himself, he was just going to play golf all day. The bet ensued. Lindgren accepted.

We asked E-Dog for a quote on the bet. His reply: "My quote is…oops."

We’ll be there with cameras to cover for our new show on, The TOKE. Developing…

UPDATE: Lindgren aced the first 18, on to round 2.

UPDATE II: To answer some questions, the bet is 1:1 and Erick got underway this morning bright and early before 6 am. Bear’s Best measures 7194. It’s rating/slope is 74.0/147. Temperatures today are just over 100 degrees with winds around 15 mph but they’re gusting more as the day goes on. Phil Ivey showed up to the course a little while ago to check in on Erick’s status. Supposedly he’s on fire right now . . . think the priest in Caddy Shack but without the thunder and lightning. Stay tuned for video of his outing some day some time soon on’s The TOKE with Wicked Chops Poker.

UPDATE III: Video of Erick Lindgren’s $350K golf prop bet to go up on tomorrow.


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