BREAKING: Full Tilt to Make Major Event Announcement Monday

Thumbs up to Full Tilt, who plan on announcing some major poker events on Monday.

Phones ringing off the hook the past 24 hours as numerous industry insiders have told us that Full Tilt Poker is planning on announcing some major land-based events on Monday.

We don’t have all the details yet, but from what we’ve been told:

:: While not necessarily a “tour,” Tilt will be having “events” (one of which is in London) that would run in direct competition with other tours.

:: Full Tilt pros will not be able to play in any competing tour during the dates of their event.

Word is there are some very “good for poker” tie-ins to the Tilt events, so sounds interesting. We’ll update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Info has been trickling into us since this post. The three most prominent rumors are (in order of how accurate we believe them to be):

1) One event is definitely overlapping with the WSOP Europe and Federated poker thingy “tour” stop #2 (October 4-7). This is the one we believe to be in London. We’ve heard that there is another overlapping event to Federated but aren’t willing to confirm it at this point.

2) The events are $100k buy-in.

3) As part of this, Tilt is forming a “poker union” of sorts for players.

We’re about 99% on #1 being accurate. We’re pretty confident #2 is accurate. And #3 we think is a dog, but heard it twice now so worth mentioning at least.


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