BREAKING: Liv Boeree Signs With PokerStars

New Team PokerStars member: Liv Boeree

When Liv Boeree‘s contract ran out with UB, we immediately thought, “Looks like we’ll hear she’s signed with Stars tomorrow…”

Well, tomorrow finally happened today, as we’ve learned that Liv Boeree will be announced as a new PokerStars Team Pro later this afternoon.

Boeree has long been one of our favorite pros on the circuit. She really saw her poker career take off this year with her EPT San Remo victory. She has amassed over $2M in career tourney earnings (with over $1.7M coming from the aforementioned San Remo win). In all, she has eight cashes this year, with three coming at the 2010 WSOP.

Boeree is particularly huge in her home country of England, and will be used heavily in PokerStars’ marketing efforts there. She’ll also appear on The Morning Show (U.K.) this Thursday (it’s┬ábasically┬áthe U.S. American version of GMA).

View WCP Liv Boeree on the Rail pics here. View her MAXIM UK photo shoot here. Listen to our Wicked Chops Podcast interview with her here. View her Poker2Nite feature here.


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  1. kosh

    September 28, 2010 3:10 pm, Reply

    Pretty girls really have it made don’t they? An ugli SOB like me could be playing poker at 2x her skill level yet I would have no chance at all at getting signed by Pokerstars or anyone else… :-(

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