Breaking: Monte Carlo in Las Vegas Is On Fire

Monte Carlo Las Vegas is on FireFrom

The roof, the roof, the roof at the Monte Carlo is on fire. Or at least the top four floors.

A massive blaze is burning at the Monte Carlo casino right now. We have a clear view from the office, where we see black fumes engulfing the Vegas skyline.

Speculation among a few placed calls is the fire resulted from a construction accident. We are waiting for confirmation on that.

The Monte Carlo is now evacuating the 3,000+ room hotel and casino.

UPDATE: They are now evacuating the Bellagio and other casinos on the Strip.

For video coverage of the Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel fire, stay tuned to

Developing . . .

UPDATE: is reporting that the fire appears to be under control now. “No more plumes of smoke can be seen from our office or by the bridge where we are filming.” They also have a video of the Monte Carlo fire, which from the angle and distance it was shot, kind of looks cozy.


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