Breaking News: B.J. Novak Can Win Back His Losses Soon

Trumpplazacasinohotel_1Yesterday Wicked Chops Poker told you about the heart wrenching story of B.J. Novak, a Philadelphia man who was down $1200 after an all nighter at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, stepped out for a bite to eat and wasn’t let back in to win back the money he lost because of the statewide casino shut down. As we pointed out yesterday, “if these politicians don’t get their shit together soon thousands of B.J. Novaks from all over the Tri-State area won’t be able to win back the thousands they’ve lost to the casinos.”

Well, CNN and the Associated Press are now reporting that New Jersey “leaders” have finally gotten their shit together on a state budget, which means the state’s casino inspectors can now go back to work, which means the casinos will reopen, which means B.J. Novak and others who were stuck a few grand or so will now be able to win back their losses. Maybe they’ll recoup even more than that. Anything is possible in Atlantic City. Anything. For all those who heeded our call to contact your representatives and remind them about the B.J. Novaks of the world, thanks. You are true Americans and we’re proud to call you “our readers.”


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  1. BlackSpy

    July 6, 2006 1:53 pm, Reply

    I called Cynthia McKinney–after she called me a cracker, she said fix the NJ budget.

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