Breaking News: Man Starts Poker Blog

In an otherwise slow poker news day, one riveting story on the wire has taken the poker world by storm (boy do we hate that phrase). It’s a simple tale about one man, a blog and how he has gone from rags to riches, or to about 800 bucks, to be exact.

SpektacularHis name says it all, Spektacular, and his press release is nothing but.

OK, it’s Friday and we’re tired of being sarcastic.

File this one under “You got to be kidding me,” some PokerStars player has issued a frickin’ press release to announce that he’s started a blog that, get this, will chronicle his online poker playing exploits.

Brilliant idea. Absolutely brilliant (sarcasm tank now completely on empty).

And while we hate ourselves for perpetuating this guy’s press release (which is published in its entirety after the jump), we hope it humors you on this Friday. It humored us, and made us cry.

And if you see this kid on PokerStars (that there above is his avatar) anytime soon, please kick him in the virtual nuts for us.

Who knows, maybe he’ll blog about it.

“Toronto, On – March 18, 2006 — Ever since Chris Moneymaker won over 2.5 million dollars at the 2003 WSOP (World Series of Poker) from a $39 online poker satellite, every average Joe jumped on the poker-band wagon to try to do the same; as did Ivan Correces also known as Spektacular(Spek for short) on various online poker sites.

“I deposited $50 into an online poker site and went broke within a week…I had a friend who had a healthy bankroll on one site, so I told him to transfer $10 to my account. I promised him that not only would I pay him back, I’m going to double, triple, quadrouple that ten dollars into my lifetime poker bankroll…And I’m glad to say, I haven’t gone broke yet…”

Spek spent his December holidays building up his bankroll playing no limit Texas Holdem and kept a journal of short stories of victories and terrible bad beats he’s experienced over the course of time.

In five short days he turned $10 into $200. Then poker reality hit,

“The first week or so, I was on a crazy winning streak. I mean, I was on fire! After a while, the reality of gambling hit me…I started losing to horrible suck outs and bad beats. I lost about a third of my bankroll in two days. I was a bit worried I’d lose it all and start all over again…”
Did it work out? Did Spek lose his bankroll after experiencing some tough losses? “I went from ten bucks to over $700 in a few weeks, and I’m steadily winning more and more,” Spek says confidently.

Spek‚Äôs been playing online Texas Holdem and winning consistently over the last few months. His favourite games are the no limit Texas Holdem $20 and $30 sit & goes (SNG‚Äôs) and small buy-in Tourney‚Äôs on You can read Spektacular‚Äôs poker progess at”


4 Responses

  1. TracyB

    March 24, 2006 2:56 pm, Reply

    If that is his PokerStars avatar, how come it has the star logo at the top? Isn’t that reserved for free players who are playing through the non-money If he upgraded to a money account, wouldn’t that star logo go away? Hmmmmm….

  2. snake

    March 24, 2006 3:14 pm, Reply

    wow, i never played for free on poker stars…if that’s correct and i assume it is, very interesting. thanks for the tip.

  3. Dirk

    March 26, 2006 12:05 am, Reply

    Hmmmmm….Very interesting-someone mis-representing themselves on the internet.
    I’ve heard stories about this.

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