BREAKING: WPT and Card Player Unite for Tournament Reporting/Global Domination


Busy times at World Poker Tour offices, as it appears they have reached agreements with two separate communist regimes in just a matter of days.

Last week the renown commies* at Card Player held a staff meeting to announce a merging of tournament reporting forces with the World Poker Tour. As part of the deal, the WPT will begin live tournament reporting from the WSOP and WSOP Circuit Events. No word yet if this includes the WSOP Europe as well.

Outside of that, we’re waiting for more details to emerge. It is expected the deal will be announced to the public sometime this week.

While this is yet another shrewd and practical business move by the WPT–them reaching out to cover WSOP events is something that should’ve happened awhile ago–isn’t partnering with Card Player kind of like making a deal with the devil? It would be one thing if Card Player was a sexy devil, like Elizabeth Hurley above. Cause if it was, we’d make a deal with that kind of devil any day of the week. "Hey WCP, will you make a deal with–" "Yes." "Wait first hear me out. The deal is–" "Yes." "Just so you know what you’re getting into, the deal–" "Yes."

More pics of Hurley as the devil and in a swimsuit with no top after the jump.

* Communist party affiliation unverified and possibly fabricated.

kElizabeth_hurley_bedazzled_001 Elizabeth_hurley_1


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  1. Kid Dynamite

    August 9, 2007 2:05 pm, Reply

    come on guys – stop with the commie jokes – they are in such bad taste… you scumbag redneck KKK supporters.
    *note – sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come across so well in the internets*
    oh – and re: KKK: i saw the best scene in Blues Brothers again last night: “Illinois Nazis… I hate Illinois Nazis”… great stuff.

  2. Internet Poker

    August 13, 2007 6:20 pm, Reply

    WPT and Hooking Up

    Card Player is the renown poker magazine that insisted on reporting from the World Series of Poker last year as its exclusive chip count and live reporting online. The grades from many of the online blogs and other poker enthusiasts…

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