Breasts Spectacular: Layla Kayleigh and JC Tran at the WPT Invitational

Quien es mas spectacular breasts? Layla Kayleigh o JC Tran?

Within “poker circles,” it’s widely recognized that poker pro J.C. Tran has the most spectacular breasts on the circuit today. They are truly exquisite.

However, this informal poll of poker insiders we refer to does not also take into account those who “cover” poker. If it did, then surely World Poker Tour hostess Layla Kayleigh would rank at the top.

If anyone can appreciate spectacular breasts, it’s J.C. Tran. Seriously, J.C. sees spectacular breasts everyday when looking in the mirror. So it should come as no surprise that he knows how to recognize a spectacular pair when he sees them.

What does come as a surprise though is that he somehow managed to not glance once at Layla’s top section during his interview with her Saturday night. The guy has focus. It’s why he kills it on the poker circuit. That and because he has spectacular breasts.

More photos of the spectacularly breasted, perfectly hourglass-figured Layla Kayleigh and the spectacularly breasted J.C. Tran at the WPT Invitational after the jump . . .



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