Calvin Ayre Tip Sheet: Meet Joanna Krupa

Joannakrupa_1Our buddy Calvin Ayre, the grand poobah of Bodog and who we coined the Hef of online gaming, has a knack for recruiting hot famous, poker-playing chicks for his events, with Shannon Elizabeth, Katherine Heigl and Estella Warren being the holy trinity and crème de la crème of Bodog beauties so far. And as more and more poker princesses come forward to profess their love for the game, more and more reasons exists for Bodog and its ilk to host hob-nob parties and red carpet events that merge the cult of celebrity with the cult of cards.

Therefore, as a public service and to offer Ayre a little guidance on who he should be inviting to his shindigs (like he needs it), we at Wicked Chops Poker will on occasion tip off Ayre on gorgeous girls who play the game, have the fame, and shall we say, embody the Bodog name.

So without further ado, here’s our first suggestion: supermodel Joanna Krupa.

A natural born stunner from Poland, raised in Chicago and now a full-time California girl, Krupa has won us over on the cover of men’s magazines, the catalogues you steal from your girlfriend, major ad campaigns, tv appearances on shows like “Las Vegas” and yes, her spread in the July issue of Playboy Magazine.

And how do we know she plays poker? Well, she makes a point of saying so in interviews as well as declaring her penchant for the game on her website.

A woman clearly after our hearts . . . and bankrolls.

But Calvin, we’ll be impressed if you get Krupa to grace the Bodog carpet and felt at one of your events considering that her website also discloses that “in her spare time, Joanna enjoys”

Yep, she‚Äôs apparently doing her online wagering at your sportsbook/online gaming competitor I mean, it’s impressive to know that she’s possibly an online gambler to boot, even though she’s doing it somewhere besides Bodog. But it doesn’t appear she’s just saying that to pimp BetCris because of some Caprice-like arrangement. So the challenge is out there, and we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if you win her over to the Bodog side.

Finally, for those (like BlackSpy) looking for more photos of Joanna Krupa, a great place to start is Start with Ryan P.’s story about his misfortune in Vegas concerning Miss Krupa and then click on his “100 photographs” link.



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