Calvin Ayre to Make One Lucky Bastard His Heir on Reality Show

Putting an end to our current streak of posts soley about hot girls is news that our pal Calvin Ayre is starring in a reality show called “Calvin’s Heir,” in which the Bodog founder knocks up nine women and picks one of the bastard children to become the heir to his billion dollar fortune.

The show has long been rumored to be in development, and it looks like it’s finally slated to hit television sets in North America this summer.

Says the show’s official website:

“What do you get when a billionaire playboy impregnates 9 different women? The most controversial TV show of the summer. Reality TV is about to get its ass kicked, as Calvin Ayre goes to extraordinary lengths in his search for an heir.

For 12 episodes, beginning June 21, 2008, join Calvin and 9 very sexy and very pregnant women as they shack up and prepare for a whole lot of water to break. And once all 9 kids are born, Calvin will choose one as heir to his billion dollar fortune!”

Watch the Calvin’s Heir video preview below:

In related news, we dig this video of Natalia Vodianova laying around in her Calvins before she got knocked up three times by some Russian real estate heir.


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  1. dan

    April 2, 2008 1:35 pm, Reply

    Not quite Sid Finch, but still, nice job.
    P.S. I here Dan Druff is Calvin Ayre’s long lost daughter. So is Sklansky. Just an FYI.

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