Calvin Ayre’s Assistant Arrested in Saigon on Trumped-Up Espionage Charges

Bodogfawnmichelle_1The folks over at are reporting that Calvin Ayre’s personal assistant, Fawn Seeton (seen here with model Michelle Merkin), along with others working for, were arrested in Saigon Thursday for violating “Vietnam espionage laws.”

Ayre himself, reports, was not present during the arrests.

As we reported back on July 19, Ayre is in Asia filming a documentary on bear bile farming, which is believed to be critical of the Vietnamese government — so the Vietnamese are basically being commie, freedom-suppressing bastards as they stomp on human rights by trumping up charges of espionage, a practice they’ve been known to do.

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  1. Annon

    November 4, 2006 5:49 pm, Reply

    I have some sensitive news surrounding Fawn and BG. All i can tell you is that their orgainisation is as crooked as a politician. She is invovled in some extraordinary illegal activity that if revelaed would cause a catastrophe to not only the Brit govt, royal bank of Scotland but also BG. It does not surprise me that she has been arrested and if the Viet govt are strong enough, they should put her away for life as well as Ayre and his company. I cant tell you anymore but sufice to say that Cannes 2005 and BG’s attendance (if unearthed) would bring everything that I am claimming to be true, to light

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