Cameron Diaz Says No to BetCRIS Offer

Actually, as far as we know she hasn’t said no yet, but we wanted to be the first to report this inevitable bit.

Camerondiaz_1If you haven’t heard, online wagering/poker site tossed a 1.5 million dollar endorsement package to Cameron Diaz the moment she announced her addiction to poker. We first came across the BetCRIS bit over at Oddjack, but we should have seen it coming considering the trend of gambling site’s clamoring for starlets to lend their pretty faces. I guess they’re all looking for their Shannon Elizabeth, all but of course–you know, because they already have the bountifully beautiful Greg Raymer. Last week it was blow babe Kate Moss being offered and turning down a 5 mil offer from faster than one can cork an ounce of yeyo off a mirrored recording studio coffee table (I have no idea what that means). This week Ms. Justin Timberlake. Next week, anyone’s guess although I’m seeing a beautiful girl/addiction theme here.

By the way, tired of seeing the images of a coked out Moss? Jump over to What Would Tyler Durden Do (scroll down on arrival) for some photos of Kate Moss at her best, or close to it.


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  1. Patsy Latif

    May 10, 2010 3:13 am, Reply

    Is Cameron Diaz dating A-Rod? They’re two unmarried, consenting adults so they are allowed to do whatever they care to do. At least they’re not married and messing about on their spouses.

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