Can Abbey Daniels, A Woman, Become The First WPT Open Event Winner?

Will Abbey Daniels become the first female WPT winner?

Yes, Van Nguyen, a woman, won the WPT Celebrity Invitational in 2008.

And yes, Natalie Nikitina, a very attractive Russian woman, won the WPT Paris regional event, which we’re told technically doesn’t count as a “real” title.

So with that mind, a woman, a woman, has never won a full-fledged World Poker Tour open-event title. Believe they are something like 0-47 (BJ?).

That all could change today as Abbey Daniels, a woman, has made the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown final table.

Daniels, a native of Corel Springs, Florida who has grinded out a few cashes in the past year, finds herself stacked third overall with 2,192,000.

She trails overall chip leader Taylor Von Kriegenbergh with 4,384,000. Von Kriegenbergh has dominated this event so far, finding himself at or near the top of the leaderboard each day.

Justin Zaki is second with 2,197,000. Rounding out the TV final table are Allen Bari (1,984,000), Tommy Vedes (1,570,000), and Curt Kohlberg (655,000).

Sweat the final table later on Monday here.


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