Can Cantu and Can Kim Can the Competition?

It was a day filled with fast action, bad beats, suck outs and lucky draws. It was a rainy night, with fog as thick as… Can you believe Britney Spears dyed her hair black omagod. Brandon Cantu of Vancouver, BC (that’s in Canada) and Lee Padilla of Modesto, CA (home of Gary Condit and Scott Peterson, top notch city) will take equi-big stacks to the final table of Event #2, $1,500 NLH.  Both are stacked at 753,000.

Carlos_mortensenAfter dominating most of the tournament, Carlos Mortensen (at right) took some hits but unlike the Spanish soccer team he rebounded nicely with a timely pair of pocket aces to double up and build back his stack. He’ll start today with 337,000. The rest of the final table chip counts include: Drew Rubin – 573,000, Mark Ly – 516,000, Mark Swartz – 359,000, Don Zewin – 342,000, Ron Stanley – 283,000, and Brent Roberts – 260,000.

Going on simultaneously, which means “at the same time” in English, is Event #3 ($1,500 PLH), where a gentlemen who may or may not be of Asian descent (may) named Can Kim Hua leads the way with 57,500. Outlasting the 1,102 entrants include notables such as: John Juanda (52,000), Victor Ramdin (45,500), Dan Alspach (41,500), WCP fan fave Tiltboy Rafe Furst (33,500), Burt Boutin (33,500), Tim Phan (31,500), Randy Jensen (30,500), Dewey Tomko (25,000), Glenn Hughes (18,5000), Dan Schmiech (17,000), humanoid Michael “the Grinder” Mizrachi (13,500), not sore on the eyes Erica Schoenberg (9,000), and Amnon Filippi (9,000).

No one else remaining is notable.

* Image from Poker Royalty


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