Can Carlos Mortenson Be the First to Win WSOP and WPT Championships? And Does Card Player Believe in Multiple Gods?

Carlos_mortCarlos Mortenson has always been one of our favorite players to sweat. Cool, calculated, great table presence and intimidating as hell. Even if he’s Rainman-esque in stacking his chips (as seen in the photo to the right courtesy of

But Spain’s Mortenson provides one of the more interesting story lines for this year’s WPT World Championship: Can he become of the first person to win both the WSOP ME and WPT World Championship? Can he? Seriously. Fucking can he?

Mortenson is second overall going into final table play with 6,501,000. Leading everyone is still this guy named Paul Lee, stacked at 11,828,000. Other final table-ists include the uber-hyper-aggressive Tim Phan (2,162,000), Cirque de Soleil founder Guy (pronounced "Geeeee", not the cool American sounding "Guy" way) Laliberte (4,690,000), Kirk Morrison (4,194,000) and Mike Wattel (2,887,000).

In related news, in Card Player’s Day 5 round-up, they expressed a potential belief in the heavens being occupied by pluralistic deities. Evidence below:

And on the fifth day of the 2007 WPT Championship, the poker gods said, “Let there be six.” While some argue that the deities do play a role, the fates of the 27 returning participants ultimately came down to those six with enough skill, and luck, to reach the World Poker Tour televised final table.

Listen, we’re all for the Ancient Roman ways of orgies, debauchery, and manly rights to make women submit to your will, so we’re totally with Card Player there. But multiple gods? Haven’t we evolved past that?

Get with the 21st century Card Player. 


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  1. Nico

    April 30, 2007 10:31 am, Reply

    “But multiple gods? Haven’t we evolved past that?”
    What are you talking about? The notion of a singular “god” is not any more evolved.

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