Can I Verify That With Your Mom? – The Bryan Micon/Justin Smith Saga Continues

Micon_pimpinIt’s been a couple of weeks since we last reported on Bryan Micon getting scammed by scam artist scammer Justin Smith.

For those who need it, a quick recap: Micon agreed to pay a man he believed to be a big timer, Justin Smith, a sum that eventually reached $12k. In return, Smith would reimburse Micon $100k within 24 hours. The next day after the money wasn’t wired to Micon, Smith, doing what grifters do, asked for $10k and promised that he’d repay Micon $1 million in a few days. Micon didn’t get his money back, got suspicious, and took it to the always entertaining Neverwin Poker Forum.

Now Micon has unearthed some new gems on other Smith scams:

Jason Davis, a real heir to a real fortune and Bradley Spalter, a music executive were both conned by Justin Smith as well. If anyone out there in interweb land knows anyone that works for NBC or Dateline NBC, point them to the Justin Wade Smith is a Con Artist thread. Second to last Justin call, most recent one. (don’t need to be logged in to listen anymore)

Of the latest revelations, the biggest/most entertaining is how Smith allegedly scammed Bradley Splater out of $30k. Smith got Bradley buying a story that Smith was buying Bradley’s entertainment company for $52 mil. They go off to Hawaii together to celebrate. Smith gets Bradley to foot the bill on his credit card and Smith bails.

And best of all, for some indiscernible glutton for punishment reasons, Smith keeps calling Micon knowing full-well Micon is recording the calls. Micon asks Smith if he can verify one of his b.s. stories with his mom, and Smith tells Micon he better not get any t-shirts made about the incident (as Micon requested ideas from forum readers).

Catch up with the thread here. Be sure to listen to the phone calls here and here. And the ones on this thread page here.

We’re working on getting Micon to interview about this all on this week’s edition of The TOKE. Stay tuned…


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