Can Somebody at Full Tilt Poker Please Make This Happen?


Typically if you wait long enough, something that was once funny but got old gets funny again. Like with us Entities, we never stopped saying "Waaazzzzuuuup" cause it never ceased being funny just started saying "Waaazzzuuup" again because it’s been long enough that it’s funny.

So hopefully the last couple of weeks the T.J. Cookier stuff (in case you missed it, here) saw it’s shelf-life revived a bit.

With that said, even if it’s not funny again just yet, could anyone at Full Tilt Poker please make a Cookier avatar? Or would it crash the servers because every player on the site would simultaneously select Cookier as their avatar?

Not sure why they don’t. They already have a Jerry Buss (left of Cookier) and a stupid sexy Helen Mirren looking one that for some reason all the Scandinavians seem to pick.

Editor’s Note: For 3 1/2 years every time we type Scandinavians we’ve spelled it wrong and it’s been corrected by spell check. So thank you spell check.


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