Captain Tom Franklin POBs The World Poker Association

Watch your back, WPA.

In a story that exists on our site for no other reason than to type the above headline, Captain Tom Franklin was elected Chairman of the Board for the World Poker Association, leaving him free to POB poker players anywhere, anytime.

Actually we don't think that's true, but we also have no idea what the responsibilities of this role are. And by "don't know" we mean "don't care." Probably on par with your average high school student council President.

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  1. Johnny Hughes

    January 30, 2009 2:32 pm, Reply

    In the pre-Brandi days, I saw the Capt. aka Private First Class show a demonstation of cheating at Binion’s during the World Series. He had enough very good moves to indicate he had spent many, many hours practicing over a long period of time. Folks that work so very hard learning how to cheat have larceny in their heart and on their mind. Anybody that planned so hard on being a theif will have his dick in their back and his hand in the ill.

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