Card Cheating Expert Steve Forte Caught Cheating at Cards, Allegedly

Steveforte_2Steve Forte, a famous slight of hand expert hired by major casinos around the world to thwart cheaters, was arrested in Atlantic City during a $5k buy-in poker tournament at the Borgata last June in what was possibly some high-tech ploy involving observing hole cards during a live video feed.

According to KLAS TV’s I-Team, gaming agents staged a raid on the Borgata and arrested four people, including Forte.

By one account, they stormed a hotel room and found it packed with electronic equipment. According to one source, gaming control initially believed the suspects had tapped into a live video feed generated by the hole card cameras that allow TV audiences to see a player’s down cards in games of Texas Hold ’em, information that presumably could be relayed to a confederate playing in the tournament.

A spokesperson from Boyd Gaming, which runs the Borgata with MGM Mirage, counters the idea that the tournament was compromised, saying “the scheme did target high-end poker players, but off the floor . . . the security systems of the Borgata were never compromised, nor was the tournament. Customers were targeted but not the games.”

Confused? Yep, it makes no sense. And apparently law enforcement officials are hush-hush on what actually went down.

Forte (seen in pic above, with shit-eating grin on his face) on the other hand is talking, reportedly telling friends “he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, intimating that he was in the room with the alleged cheaters because he wanted to observe their methods and was not part of the scheme.”

Kind of like how we told our current/first wives those naked lingerie models doused in baby oil on the plastic sheets in our hotel room were men-hating dykes and had no interest in our naked bodies on top of them and we only wanted to observe their methods so that we could try some of the freaky stuff out on them at a later time.

While Forte declined to chat with KLAS on camera, WSOP Commish and Harrah’s employee Jeffrey Pollack seized the opportunity to spout the following when asked if the WSOP’s security could ever be compromised:

“I can’t reveal our specific security measures, otherwise they wouldn’t be very secure. But needless to say, Harrah’s has the ultimate commitment to both responsible gaming and security, and we have a state of the art surveillance system in place at all times here.”

And if you believe this, and you’re equally as hot as our wives, we should have married you instead.

Below, watch a video of Steve Forte do a four-king magic trick.

Steve Forte’s four-king magic trick.


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