Card Player Out, Bluff Magazine In As Official Media Provider for 2007 WSOP?

As points out this morning, rumors are circulating that Card Player will not be the official magazine and content provider for the 2007 World Series of Poker, and based on what we’ve know from our sources, that rumor, like (almost) all rumors, is absolutely true.

In fact, if it isn’t true, WCP co-founder Chops will shave his head live on

Chops, you cool with that?

Of course, we’re not surprised that the WSOP has sent Card Player to the rail, for the lack of a better poker metaphor. Players, fans, bloggers and even WSOP reps themselves repeatedly voiced their discontent to us about Card Player’s lackluster coverage at the 2006 WSOP way before the final table even wrapped. LorenzolamasWe, on the other hand, thought otherwise of Card Player’s performance, and repeatedly trumpeted their pulitzer-ish reporting of poker’s biggest tournament with our series of Card Player’s “Like You Were There” moments.

So what outlet will now be the official media provider for the 2007 WSOP? We’re not saying, other than what’s stated ever so cryptically in the headline of this post. For now, all we can say is that Chad Brown (photo at right) sure as hell looks a lot like Lorenzo Lamas (also photo at right) in the new issue of Bluff and that an official announcement is coming in early March.

For a look back at a few Card Player “Like You Were There” Moments, click the links below (one is a link to pics of Keeley Hazell..pick it and you win…pics of Keeley Hazell):

Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link


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