Card Player Poker Agent Rich Belsky Could Seriously Cash at WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star

Rich Belsky is not Emperor's Club VIP Kristen.Probably more of a post for poker "insiders" this one is, but Rich Belsky, who you may remember from Card Player TV, or as the "paparazzi" in the Mike Matusow/Kathy Griffin blind date (go about 3:22 in) in My Life on the D-List, or as an agent who reps guys like the aforementioned Matusow, or as the guy who busted BLUFF for allegedly stealing chip counts (which Card Player then was caught doing a few months later at the WSOP), is currently stacked over 100,000 at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star.

Guess while we’re at it, at 3:30pm PST, Day 1a chip leader Brandon Cantu is the big stack at 402,000. J.C. Tran, who has spectacular breasts, is sitting with 244,000. Other big stacks include Clonie Gowen, a woman (193,000), last year’s winner Ted Forrest (180,000), Isabelle Mercier, a woman (153,000), and Paul Wasicka (108,000).

Get full chip counts from the WPT site here.

* Photo from World Poker Tour.


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