Card Players Announces SpadeClub, A Brilliant Idea for 2002

On the heels of the WPT’s recently launched, Card Player brings their SpadeClub to the poker world and says, "Hey, look at us! Over here! We’ve got the same idea six years too late too!"

According to Card Player, SpadeClub:

"…leads the way in enhancing online poker by adding additional features such as player profiles, exclusive tools and tips, and over $100,000 each month in cash prizes. Not only is SpadeClub unique for being the first online poker site developing a full-scale community, it also delivers a multitude of opportunity for players to risk nothing and win big."

Since it’s a subscription site, the SpadeClub operates under those loophole sweepstakes and promotions laws, meaning it’s legal in 35 U.S. American states.

In related news, Card Player plans to announce other revolutionary new products, including what they dub as "the remote control," a website that sells pet supplies (commercial below), a pill that helps 60 year old men get erections, and a subscription-based poker website.

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