Cards With Keibler

122stacy_keibler2The Wicked Chops Posse tore it up Rocks and Rings style the other night over at our good friend Stacy Keibler‘s crib up in the Hills. We got a bite from Legs around midnight, saying she was hosting girls’ poker night with the usual suspects–Rosa, Michele, Kelly, Victoria, Maeve, Tara and Shannon. Our friends at Bodog were on site to supply the ammo and OK! magazine was there to cover the party.

Totally on point, Legs knows we’re the guys who really know how to party and are determined to teach the world this skill. No doubt her and the babies were just looking to get hotwired, so we obliged, donning our Armani Black Label threads and hopping over in our limo with some deep dish and Kelt Cognac XO to set the party right. Being the only men invited of course was flattering, and exhausting, as the women treated us like the sexual toys we are. Sure we could go on with details but we feel sorry that not everyone quite lives the Eudamonistic lifestyle we do. But just to give you a taste, after the jump are few photos we snapped on our blinged-out new Fusic phones from LG. They’re not the best quality, but what can we say, we had our hands tied. Literally.

Editor’s Clarification: All of the above of course really did happen (because Bodog is the shit when it comes to bringing hot chicks together around a poker table) except the only difference being that we weren’t so much at Stacy Keibler’s girls poker night as we were at home, brushing our wives’ hair, listening to them talk about the new pair of shoes they bought, candles illuminating our living rooms in a beautiful romantic glow, with the gentle and cherubic stylings of Jewel adding a sonic ambiance that reminded us of that time we were in Venice, holding hands, seeing our unborn children in each other’s eyes.

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