Carrie Stroup Has An Amazing Smile, Breasts

In a room full of strippers, Carrie Stroup stands out as a total class act . . . with an amazing pair of tits.

She also has a very lovely smile.

But to be honest though, we had no idea it was the gorgeously sexy reporter when we first ran into her at the Bluff party held at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club last Thursday; in fact, one of us actually thought she may have been someone’s extremely expensive “date” and an excellent choice for one. But since her business card didn’t list any rates, we excluded that possibility.

Anyway, there’s more to this story from our evening at the Sapphire but rumor is that one of our current/first wives is on to this whole “Wicked Chops Poker” thing so we’ll just embed the latest Webisode of “The Toke with Wicked Chops Poker” below on and give you some choice photos of Carrie Stroup after the jump.

Raw Vegas Video



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