Casey Kastle (Once Again) Eliminated from WSOP

We make mistakes.

Not often but it does happen. Like that time we were hooking up with that girl Bobbie Sue in her double wide down in Daytona while her ultimate fighting boyfriend was supposedly at work at the Jiffy Lube. Big mistake.

Along the same lines but totally different, the other day (Day 3 in WSOP speak) we reported that Absolute Poker Pro Casey Kastle was eliminated when he really wasn’t. But we can explain. You see, here at the WSOP, you spend half your time on the tournament floor and the other half in the media center tucked away in some far corner of the convention center downloading photos of Joanna Krupa, Bodog Lounge babes and David “The Dragon” Pham. While doing so, you occasionally glance over at to see who’s just been eliminated, and on Friday, August 4, 2006 at 16:31:13, reported that Casey Kastle was eliminated.

Truth be told though (and is always the case here at Wicked Chops Poker), we actually found out pretty soon after announcing Casey’s demise that was wrong and that he indeed was still in, but he was so severely shortstacked at the time that we thought his elimination was just a few hands away. It was kind of like the “Bring out your dead…but I’m not dead yet” guy in Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail. He wasn’t out yet but he soon would be. Kastle turned out though to be more like the “Just a flesh wound…I’ll bite your knee caps” guy, crippled in chips but impressively lasting through Day 3 and all the way up until just an hour ago here on Day 5.

Late last night after the end of Day 4, we asked Kastle about reports of his demise in the Main Event.

“Yeh, I heard people were reporting that,” Casey said. “I was actually getting phone calls from friends saying, ‘Casey, I’m sorry about what happened,’ and I was wondering if someone had died or something.”

Kastle’s run at the WSOP finally came to an end today during the first level. He finished 119th and cashed $51,129. For more on Casey Kastle, check out Mike Sexton’s CardPlayer article on him here.


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  1. BJ Nemeth

    August 6, 2006 7:08 pm, Reply

    D’oh! I’m working for Pokerwire this WSOP, and I know how that happened. (But didn’t realize it happened until just now, because I wasn’t the one to type the original “Casey Kastle Eliminated” post.)
    Because of the screwiest media rules in poker history, along with a multi-gajillion dollar deal with Full Tilt, Pokerwire is only allowed to post the same information as Card Player, but on a slight delay. Stupid, I know.
    Anyway, CP reported that Casey Kastle busted, and Pokerwire passed on that news. Later, CP realized their mistake and fixed their post. But they never bothered to tell those of us doing the data entry for Pokerwire. So it lingered in the Pokerwire database as a ghost of Casey Kastle.
    I knew Casey Kastle was still in (I’m a big fan of his), but never knew we posted he was out. I’ll go fix it now, if I can, but the original post is buried beyond hundreds of others …
    I apologize for the mistake!

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