Casino Law Not About Casinos And Is All Kinds of Crazy

Holy shit.

We’ve produced over a thousand web videos. And some TV commercials. Even helped produce a couple of TV shows.

However, we’ve never done anything nearly as awesome as the above video.

If Jeffrey Pollack and Annie Duke hadn’t forever ruined the word in our collective consciousness, we’d even call the above video “epic.”

Instead, we’ll call it all kinds of crazy, in the most awful, ridiculous, embarrassing, awesome kind of way.

It’s an ad that aired during the Super Bowl in Savannah, GA (side note: this was definitely not Georgia’s finest week, only Sherman’s march might be more scarring). The personal injury lawyer, Jamie Casino*, bought the entire local two-minute block during the first local commercial break. So you know Jamie Casino was fucking proud of this shit.

And that he needs some friends that can be honest with him.

If you’re still reading, you’re wasting your time. Just watch the video already.

* As far as we know, Jamie is of no relation to Craig Casino, HPT’s all-time casher/money winner.



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