Catching Up on the Latest Sklansky/Malmuth/2+2 Banning News


Sometimes the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker simply need a break from the drama. So we took a few days to decompress from the 2+2 banning scuttlebutt. (In somewhat related news, Jolene Blalock, above, will never be banned on the WCP site)

But plenty happened over the weekend. Here’s some links to catch up:

:: Mason Malmuth won’t give up his "NWP is a hate site" stance.

:: Dan Druff sent a very reasonable message to Malmuth regarding his 2+2 banning, which Malmuth subsequently pulled down his pants and pooped all over.

:: Neverwin claims to have had his house broken into. Coincidence?

:: And finally, Mat "One T" Sklansky closed the banning thread with this salvo:

those who register accounts here with the obvious intention of screwing with this website will be deleted.

you like neverwinpoker better? stay there.

i will happily ban away and away and away until Mason fires me.

i’m locking all of these threads right now. you jerkoffs that want to read it about it further have been given numerous invitations to post at neverwinpoker. i am happy to be rid of you.

Happy times and good Monday to ya…


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