Catching Up With 2008 WSOP Gingers of the Day

Don’t hate on James "" Mackey. The kid’s got game.

We all know that being a ginger is one of the toughest things anyone has to endure in life.

The orange hair. The freckles. The lack of a soul.

While some gingers we featured during the 2008 World Series of Poker have embraced their gingerism, others are just coming to terms with it. (revisit our ginger super-thread here)

Take James "" Mackey. In a recent $100r tourney on Stars, Mackey was insulted with the following slurs after sucking out with As-9s (posted here on the Pocket 5’s thread tilted "I didnt realize people hated gingers so much"):

pykesgoinpro: lol the ginger wins it
BabyGrand [observer]: even a fkn ginger 12 year old can do it
pykesgoinpro: just dont like poepel with aids or gingavitus

On a side note, in the same thread, hats off to poster mathclub for this pmp comment:

"my friend has a ginger brother and sister but he is normal.  talk about dodging bullets."

However, other gingers, like Jon "Pearljammer" Turner (a two-time Ginger of the Day by request) and Super Ginger Cory Albertson have embraced their God-given lack of having a soul.

In his awesomely titled "It’s Orange Not Red" blog, Albertson says:

"I take great pride in that my ginger hair, sunglasses, and track jacket were good enough for me to be dubbed the "Super Ginger" of the WSOP. Hey… it’s better than nothing!"

Even Last Ginger StandingTM finalist Sean Davis embraced his inner-ginger with an email to WCP. Maybe hit us up again and we’ll ship a t-shirt.

We’ll keep tracking the progress of all your favorite gingers in upcoming tournaments. Why? Because someone has to.


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