Catgirl to Play Poker Naked at World Open

Poker player Catgirl to play World Open painted naked

Some poker stories we have a real hard time making interesting, while others are 100% up our wheelhouse.

So a 23 year-old Russian hottie who goes by the name Catgirl and will be playing in the World Open this week in nothing but body paint (full photo here) would definitely qualify as "100% up our wheelhouse."

Catgirl is from Latvia, which we think is where Latka Gravas was from. No word yet if Catman bought her on the underground market.

In her televised heat at the World Open, the 23-year-old former gymnast (very nice) will be up against Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott, Surinder (is he French?) Sunar, Liam Flood (great action hero name), World Series of Poker Europe runner-up (meaning he’s already lost to a woman) John Tabatabai, and Ian Woodley (great name for a wimpy Englishman who gets embarrassing boners at inappropriate times in inappropriate places… "Ian sported the most inappropriate erection at the mall today, papa." "Ian!" "Sorry but I cannot help it.").

Other names competing in the tournament include Mike Sexton, Juha Helppi, Marc Goodwin, Barny and Ross Boatman, Theo Jorgensen, Jon Kalmar, Thomas Bihl, Robin Keston and Roy Brindley.

The 72 runner $8,000 buy-in event features 12 heats and a first prize of $250,000 from a total prize pool of $576,000.

The below video is of Catgirl actually getting painted while in the buff, which sounds pretty hot but is actually pretty creepy.

Video of Catgirl naked getting painted

Full photos of a naked Catgirl fully painted after the jump…



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