Celebrity Apprentice: Annie Duke Is Bossy

So we actually watched the new Celebrity Apprentice last night. The producers did Annie Duke no favors, with the first clip of her cussing someone out on the phone.

Early on, Duke took charge of the females. She came up with the team name (Athena), took over the challenge and led the women to victory in the cup cake sale competition (getting the likes of Erik Seidel and other poker players to shell out big $$$ for the treats).

While Duke clearly was bossing people the fuck around, we don't think Athena would've won without her and about 90% of what she was saying was spot on.

In case we haven't mentioned it before, Duke at least finishes in the top two.

Below is a bonus clip from the show of Annie ripping the men's team. 


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  1. cmh76

    March 2, 2009 2:25 pm, Reply

    When the Dice Man broke out into his trademarked Stallone and Travolta impersonations infront of The Donald I shit my pants it was so funny. Too bad he was fired.

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