Celebrity Apprentice: Annie Duke the Omarosa?


The Celebrity Apprentice premieres tonight, which means there's about a zero percent chance that we'll actually be watching it since the Oscars are on (whatever, fuck you, like you're not tuning in too).

So we'll get out in front of this one and report that, according to Entertainment Weekly, "Poker queen Annie Duke is the Omarosa…"

Duke, who we know definitely made the final two of Celeb Apprentice and possibly won the whole thing (and who we have a standing steak dinner bet with), can't be too excited about the Omarosa comparison. Omarosa is basically considered one of the biggest c-u-next-tuesdays in the history of television. Fill in the blank with your Annie Duke/Ommarosa joke here: [              ].

UPDATE: We messed up. Looks like the premiere is next Sunday. Hey, look over there!


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  1. annie lover

    February 22, 2009 7:12 pm, Reply

    are you sure you got the date right? i certainly can’t find it … and everything i read on the internet (except for you guys) tell me the premiere is March 1.

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