Celebrity Apprentice: Who Acts Likes This?

Glad we didn't stop watching the Celebrity Apprentice because this show is delivering drama we haven't seen since middle school (it would be insulting to high schoolers everywhere by comparing the drama to high school, really, it would).

Yeah, these reality shows are pressure cookers and edited for max effect, but most of the remaining contestants looked criminally bad last night. Clint Black comes across as a douchebag of epic proportions at all times. Melissa Rivers is a 43 year-old spoiled brat with seemingly no redeeming qualities. Joan Rivers (pictured here) we'll get to in a minute. And even the previously great Jesse James now looks like a big baby.

Interestingly, the two people who conducted themselves with the most class, and yet, are getting the most shit from the general public, were Annie Duke and Brande Roderick.

Annie is kind of like the Richard Hatch of season 1 of Survivor. She's manipulating everyone, they all know she's manipulating everyone, but she's so good at it nobody really cares to stop it. It's actually quite impressive.

In last night's episode, Annie, Brande, and Melissa were teamed up together. Annie and Brande clicked, worked well together, and kind of (consciously) boxed Melissa out. It was a well-played strategy on their (or more likely, Annie's) part, and Melissa got fired. Melissa then went on throw a temper tantrum that the 2/3 of the Entities who have children have never seen their kids even come close to equaling, and that's if you combine both kid's worst ever tantrum, multiply it by 10, and then square it.

Joan caught wind of Melissa's firing and began spewing vile towards Annie (white trash, Hitler, etc.) and Brande (dumb blond) that only somebody who truly has no class is capable of doing. What's funny is how she repeatedly slams Annie (who went to two Ivy League schools) for being "white trash," but her tirades are something you'd see on any given episode of Jerry Springer.

What's not funny though is how, even after last night, the majority of people still seem to side with Joan Rivers over Annie (Melissa's tantrum killed her popularity). Read these comments on the EW message board. It's about 90% pro-Joan. Again, Annie is overtly manipulative, but she's never taken a personal, below the belt shot at anyone on the show. Joan looks like the undead and goes out of her way to say the worst possible thing you can say to someone when she gets mad. So how are the viewers siding with Joan? Damn people suck so bad.

Also, apparently Joan thinks that poker player money is "soaked in blood." What? What is this, 1880? However, her line about poker players not having any last names was pretty funny (see: Chops, Snake, Addict).

Anyway, if you watched it, or just watched the below clip, let us know what you think in the comments section.


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  1. viticus

    April 27, 2009 9:36 am, Reply

    who the f*ck is joan rivers anyway? does anyone (worth a sh*t) even care about this woman’s existence?

  2. joan's cunt

    April 27, 2009 10:06 pm, Reply

    whore ,pit viper, white trash,hitler, scum, a piece of shit,stupid,your people, money with blood on it,poker players are trash.
    That bitch is crazy.

  3. Canada Girl

    April 27, 2009 10:25 pm, Reply

    OMG – Joan’s plastic face must have melted her brain cells – and she obviously did not spank her brat of a daughter nearly enough – their comments are so based on ignorance and stupidity.
    Annie rocks and I hope she wins. Poker players are generous and some of the most genuine people I know.
    Bitch slaps for the Rivers – from Canada!

  4. BJ - Vegas-Poker Player

    April 28, 2009 6:06 am, Reply

    What do I think? I think there’s no video there to view- just a big blank spot on the page.
    I think you should really proof read before you write a post- seriously, a variety of errors above in this tirade.
    I think you judging “the majority of people” based on an entertainment site’s blog-comment section, is sadly ignorant on your part.
    Now don’t take that as an insult, take it for what the meaning of the word “ignorant” defines- not thrown out as a slam, thrown out as defined, someone who is uninformed.
    You cannot judge the “general public” based on the kind of low IQ types who post regularly on such sites. I’ve never heard of your site- I found it on twitter I think.
    I’m totally behind Annie in this competition despite her sometimes sharp bedside manner.
    Those who would support Joan and don’t get Annie, are Bush voters, Jesus loving republicans who burn Dixic Chic’s cd’s, who stand behind their man, do as their told, and work minimum wage jobs (after they do the dishes) in order to support their man’s beer habit.

  5. BJ Nemeth

    April 28, 2009 9:30 am, Reply

    Just wanted to set the record straight and point out that I am *not* the “BJ Vegas-Poker Player” who posted the other comment. I’m sure the Entities know that, but didn’t want anyone else reading Wicked Chops to think that was me.
    And if you don’t know who I am or what I’m talking about, then consider yourself lucky.
    The general public’s opinion of Annie Duke doesn’t matter much until the show is completely finished. This week-to-week stuff is somewhat temporary. But if she’s seen as a conniving bitch after the final challenge, then that’s how she’ll be remembered for a long time. If she’s seen as a strong competitor who pulls out a victory against long odds, then that’s how she’ll be remembered for a long time.

  6. xXJhaXX

    April 29, 2009 6:31 pm, Reply

    I hope that the Rivers’ limo driver drinks 5 o’clock vodka heavily and decides that today is a good day to mix it up by driving underwater…

  7. Apprentice Fan

    May 15, 2009 10:22 am, Reply

    Annie a a divorced, annoying, conniving, back stabbing person. Who is she? Why is it that this “POKER PLAYER” has “EVERYONE’S” telephone number? Let’s not forget how she treated her “best friend” when she thought he stabbed her in the back – for charity let’s not forget.

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