CEO Poker Flash Invite May Cause Seizures

CeopokertourThe marketing geniuses dilettantes over at the CEO Poker Tour trumpeted in a press release today their use of a Flash online invite for their 2007 CEO Poker Tournament, saying, “Poker players are not used to receiving unique Flash driven advertisements for poker events, giving us a marketing edge.”

They go on further to say, “This is a year for growth in the poker tournament industry … and the fastest way to grow is with unique marketing campaigns that portray the CEOpoker brand energy.”

Sure we could point out that claiming Flash gives them a marketing edge is like saying fax machines are a revolutionary way to pitch vacation deals and penny stocks, but we gave up being mean for Lent, sort of. We will say though that apparently “unique marketing” is synonymous with “seizure causing” so don’t say you weren’t warned when you view their Flash invite here.


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