Chan Poker Closing, Didn’t Realize It Was Even Still Running

Johnny Chan, a converted ginger, is shutting down Chan Poker.

We got an email from reader dcMirage this morning that Chan Poker is closing its virtual doors.

This news was shocking to us, as we thought Chan Poker was out of business a long time ago.

According to an email sent to the couple of players who used the site:

We are sad to inform you that Chan Poker will be ceasing operation effective this Thursday, August 21, 2008. Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting deposits. On August 21 our poker clients will be disabled.

Chan Poker was a little late in the game and was relying a little too heavily on Johnny Chan‘s diminishing stature in the poker world to draw in new users. Or in other words, Chan Poker would’ve killed it after Rounders came out in ’98. Not so much in ’06 though.

Read the full email Chan Poker sent to its couple of users here.


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