Chantel McNulty is Easy

As we mentioned yesterday when we listed out the WC7RaPTMoLGOL, we ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. Always.

Case in point, when we were flying to New Zealand last December and that Arab man boarded the airplane. We KNEW he was a terrorist. Sure he just slept the whole time, didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and when he wasn’t sleeping he was reading the first chapter of “1000 Things to Do Before You Die”, but that was just his ruse to lull us into a false sense of security during the 12 hour flight from San Fran.

Anyway, we landed safely and the trip to New Zealand was great. The terrorist even helped us with our luggage and told us about a superb 5 star restaurant in Auckland to try but the point is that without a doubt he was a terrorist.

So while we don’t actually have proof that Chantel McNulty is easy, we can say without a doubt that Chantel McNulty is easy.

Video of Chantel McNulty, who just finished 17th at the the WPT Mandalay Bay Poker Championship, talking without marbles in her mouth about being touched by girls at the poker table.


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