Chantel McNulty Is Stuck-In-An-Elevator Hot

You know when you’re on an elevator with a bunch of strangers and none of the chicks are that hot but you still try to figure out which one you’d bang if you got stuck for a few hours? Well, 22-year-old poker player Chantel McNulty is that kind of hot to us. Marginally buttaface with a doable body but definitely not anywhere close to being in the same league as Angelina Jolie, as a few of the hard-ups over at 2+2 are claiming, or even on par with Erica Schoenberg for that matter.

Chantel_mcnulty_fakeboobsWith that said, we still thought a video of PokerWire cutey Amanda Leatherman feeling up Chantel McNulty’s newly implanted breastesses at the World Poker Challenge would be hot but it wasn’t. Not exactly sure why not. Perhaps it’s because Chantel (seen in pic modeling her new salines) talks like she has marbles in her mouth the whole time, which would be hot if she had actual marbles in her mouth and you were up to something. Or maybe it’s her burgeoning Brandi-like narcissism shining through for no apparent reason other than she’s a poker player with boobs who’s not Crazy Bitch Williamson.

Either way, view the video and decide for yourself.

To remind yourself of what is hot, after the jump is a video of our last Friday Night Parting Shot Girl, Karen Carreno. We must warn you it’s quasi NSFW and at times features a gay man unconvincingly pretending to be her lover.

Link to Karen Carreno video here.


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  1. constructionworker07

    May 29, 2007 5:43 am, Reply

    What are you fucking kidding me? The broad is fucking better than an elevator fuck. This broad is nice. I look at her I’m dropping batter the instant I get my fingers wet. What, you got a vendetta against this broad? It sounds like this girl turned you down or did some shit that pissed you off and now you’re bad-mouthing her on some, sort of, ambiguous fucking board that nobody gives a flying fuck about. I mean, come on, let’s be fucking reasonable here the broad is an easy 7.8 to an 8.

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