Charles Barkley Might Still Have a Gambling Problem

Charles Barkley is neither a role model nor a good gamblerCharles Barkley, who once estimated his gambling losses to be over $10 million, is being sued by the Wynn Las Vegas over $400,000 in unpaid gambling markers the casino issued to him in 2007.

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that the occasional poker player and apparently piss-poor black jack-er is also being investigated by the Clark County district attorney’s bad check unit, which has the authority to investigate gambling debts in the same manner as bad checks. In the state of Nevada, failure to make good on markers can result in felony charges.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed by the Wynn yesterday (see court documents here), Barkley refused “to pay the amount despite repeated attempts.”

More on the story here.

Worth the read, Richard Abowitz’s personal Vegas accounts of a drunk and gambling Barkley here.

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