Cherish Andrews Wins WCP HPT Hostess Contest (and Michael Liscio Wins Event)

Cherish Andrews was the big winner at this weekend's Heartland Poker Tour event.

In the biggest news in Heartland Poker Tour history, Cherish Andrews, a woman (pictured above),┬áproved that it is still the Year of the WomanTM as she captured the HTP Turning Stone (woman’s only) hostess contest, defeating a field of 847* to bank a first place prize of worldwide notoriety.

Cherish’s mega-accomplishment somewhat dwarfed the fact that Michael Liscio (not pictured), a 41 year-old sales manager from Little Falls, NY, won the latest HTP event in record-final-table-time. Math math math the remaining six TV final table played for only math math math one hour, and heads-up lasted one hand.

Liscio banked $72,181 for the win.

Back to 21 year-old Cherish, who is a regular at Turning Stone. After going on to win the hostess contest, she managed to bank about $5,000 in cash games and tournaments for the weekend.

More pics/vids/info from the event here.

* Or 20. Whatever.


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  1. Da Man

    May 18, 2010 9:00 pm, Reply

    Cherish Andrews is smoking in a girl next door sort of way. Good to see a natural babe without implanted titays getting props.

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