ChipreeseChip Reese won a monster pot during level 9. Going heads-up against the big stack at the table, Reese put his WSOP life at risk (and 60k+ stack) after a Kc-7d-Tc flop. The (soon not to be) table chip leader called Chip, flipping over K-Js. Chip shows A-7c. The turn is a 7s, and river is 2c, making trips then the nut flush for Chip. Since then, Chip has built his stack to around160k. If poker had a “best player never to the win the Main Event” list, Chip would certainly be 1a or 1b. Many long-time poker fans are rooting to see Reese have all of the chips when the tournament is over.

But Chip’s impressive chip stack puts him nowhere near the chip lead. That belongs to Chris Lorenzo, with 250k. Right behind him and right behind us at table 121 is Bryan Stellwagen of Long Island, NY. He qualified by winning a $35 satellite with Long Island Poker Club, and currently has 235k.

Other stacked players going into level 10 include featured table participant Layne Flack (around 230k), Gavin Griffen (180k), Lee Watkinson (145k), Minneapolis Meehan (106k), and Mike Matusow (close to 100k).


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