Chops, Snake to Play WSOP Event #3 Today

SnakechopswickedChops (right in pic) and Snake (left), 2/3 of the Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker, will be playing Event #3 (as alternates) today.

Check the site later today for as we may provide some updates.

And by "may" we seriously mean "may." No promises. Cause you know what they say about promises. They were made to be broken. Or was that records are made to be broken? No wonder no one trusts us. Oh well, too late to change that life philosophy now.

UPDATE:  We are still alive in level 3 of the tourney mainly by benefit of not being seated until level 2 was almost over, just 2 of about 800 alternates in the event. Snake is sitting at a table with Shane "Shaniac" Schleger with just over the starting stack of $3K, Chops has a little bit easier table and is sitting right at $4,400. More to come…

UPDATE: Chops got knocked out in the upper 600’s. A little under average stacked, Chops raised in MP with pocket sixes and was re-raised all-in by the big blind. The big blind had Chops covered by about 200. The big blind had been overplaying Ace rag and other weaker pocket pairs, and Chops put him on an Ace rag. With the blinds at their current level, Chops would’ve been left with only 7 big blinds if he folded. So Chops called and the big blind showed Ah-9h. A nine came on the flop and that was it.


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  1. snake

    June 2, 2007 7:43 pm, Reply

    I’m out. Chops is still in with about 8k. I got crip’d by kharma in a hand that i dont feel like writing about and then was moved to the immediate right of David Williams, ironically for one reason or another. Doubled up once and then began to bleed. then done. Go Chops.

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