Chops Turns to Spite In Midst of Bad Run

Chops here.

Ms2_copy_1In the midst of a losing streak that could best be described as “epic,” my only real diversion right now is lashing out at others who are currently more successful in the poker arena than I.

I love spite.

Enter Sammy “Killer” Reid.

See, starting last summer and ending in early December, I went on a tear that could best be described as ‚Äúepic.‚Äù  I was doing very well. 

But the well has run dry.  Barren. 

My good friend Sammy though, he’s winning/final table’ing MTTs like he’s Ms3_copy_1Maria Sharapova (as in, she’s good at tennis, wins a lot or something, and she’s hot, as demonstrated in the latest SI Swimsuit Issue, so we’ll post some pics of her here, which will cancel out the effects that will be rendered upon you at the jump, you’ll see what I mean).

So at the jump, I have assembled an assembly of digitally altered Sammy pictures, purely out of spite.  Well, the mustache is digitally altered, but for the most part everything about the photos are real.  Seriously.  Enjoy.  And for Sammy‚Äôs sake, let‚Äôs hope my luck (or skill) turns around sooner rather than later…

Banditpostcard SammypiSammybrownSammypithree_copy Sammyleath Oj3sammy Sammybubbleb

5 Responses

  1. BlackSpy

    February 16, 2006 5:19 pm, Reply

    How ’bout the one of Sammy when he was acting as Pam Anderson’s stunt double? Or the one of Sammy winning Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show?

  2. the addict

    February 16, 2006 6:10 pm, Reply

    chops… you may just want to email Blackspy a jpg of Sammy’s head so he can place it where he wants on hiw own time.

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