Chris Shilts Is a Very Bad Man

Chrisshilts1When we first reported on Chris Shilts, the Salt Lake City owner of a poker supply outlet indicted on federal charges for setting his store on fire (an act that earned him a spot in our Stupid Poker Criminal Hall of Fame), we heard from a few people who knew a little something about this character, like his mom (Hi Cindy), as well as a few people in Pennsylvania and Oregon who claimed to be defrauded by Shilts on e-Bay.

But since none of their allegations of online fraud were being reported in the news at the time, and we had no way of verifying them, well, we really didn’t know what to make of their claims.

Until now.

ShiltsnewsLocal news in Salt Lake City is reporting that Shilts has been indicted by a federal grand jury for using e-Bay to sell two vehicles–a Nissan Titan truck and a BMW 325xi–that he was leasing, along with a heavily mortgaged Capri speedboat. In other words, he didn’t own the title to these vehicles he sold for a total of about $85k, and indeed, these are the exact same charges posted in the comment section of our site over the past month (some of which were removed at the request of the individuals involved).

Jonathan Boyd, the Assistant US Attorney in Utah said: “He defrauded people from Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas, and basically defrauded them out of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Read the news reports here, here and here and click on the video image to see the TV news report on Shilts. My favorite comment is Shilts predicting, correctly I might add, that: “I will not make a penny off of this.”


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  1. YCO123

    November 4, 2005 12:45 pm, Reply

    who is the bigger dipshit? This guy, thinking he can get away with this scam, or the unsuspeccting idiot, buying a $30,000 car without a title?

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