Chris Vaughn and Sorel Mizzi Have More To Say

Cheetahs3Poker News has put up Part II of their interview with Chris Vaughn and Sorel Mizzi. In it, they briefly discuss Vaughn’s victory in the Poker Stars $1M Guaranteed the week after his now DQ’d FTP win.

Interestingly, the Poker Stars win will stand, as an investigation showed that Vaughn did play the entire tournament from one IP (whether or not Mizzi also played at that IP cannot be proven). So as far as Stars can tell, no cheating occurred in that one.

They both expressed remorse for the controversey and black-eye this has caused for online poker.

Finally, Bluff Magazine, Vaughn’s employer, issued a statement on the incident, which you can read after the jump.

Read Part II here, Part I here, and read about past participles here.

Bluff Statement:

"Bluff Media in no way, shape, or form condones the actions of Chris Vaughn. We were extremely unhappy, and disappointed. However we feel that Chris has always acted in a professional manner at BLUFF in the past, and we have no plans for terminating his employment with the company. He has been given a warning, and is on probation. We hope that we can all move past this, and learn from it."


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