Christina Lindley Doing Best Damn Poker Show, Blogging for Gambling911


Christina Lindley, the hot fitness model who debunked our theory that "hot fitness model" is code for "porn star," gave us the heads up today that she’s shooting the Best Damn Poker Show this week for Fox Sports.

And as a nod to Wicked Chops Poker, Lindley is going to have  hottie Maria Ho!!!! rail her during the poker reality show, which stars Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth. Look for exclusive pics of the Lindley-Ho girl-on-girl action here soon. If only they were going to be as hot as that sounds.

In related news, Lindley, who is friends with the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones (video of them together here), is also now blogging over at Her first post is about her exploits at the table ever since the WSOP, and she also reveals that she and a few other female card players have started a "crew" of sorts.

As she puts its, "I started working with a group of girls, we decided to form a lady crew or team, if you will. We even came up with a name, TWC. Don’t even ask."

Check it out here.

Lastly in other Lindley news, she has incredible breasts. Really, they’re phenomenal. Okay this isn’t really news but it’s all we’ve been thinking about while writing this post.

Click away below for more shots of Lindley.


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