Cintia Dicker For Some Reason Is The Friday Night Parting Shot

The mind and the penis have been at war all day long.

On the surface, Cintia Dicker, a ginger, should not be attractive. She has red hair. She has freckles. Gross. Every fiber of our being is telling us “Stay away…she’s a ginger…she’ll capture your soul and leave you for dead.”

Yet, look at her body. You could put Paul Magriel’s head on that body and we’d still consider fucking it. (<–that joke was for you, KD).

Plus, we hear redheads are CRAZY in the sac (Lance Bradley, is this true? Are you a tiger?). So again, not sure what to do. But to be fair, for all the ginger jokes you’ve we’ve made throughout the years, it’s about time to give at least one of them their do, and make Cintia Dicker our Friday Night Parting Shot.

Thumbs of Cintia below are from the 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue release party in Vegas last night. View more pics from the event here. Much much more pics of Cintia from the SI issue here.

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