Cirque Girl Gets Captain Tom’d at Erotica Convention heads to Erotica LA for this week’s webisode of “Zumanity Reality,” a new web series that follows three of the girls from the sexy Cirque du Soleil show. Hot porn stars, penis mascots and Ron Jeremy-tit-grabbing ensues. Oh yeh, and something along the above headline happens midway through the video.

If you’re not Brandi Hawbaker and all the walking penises are a bit too much for you, after the jump is a video of the effervescently hot Andrea Tiede interviewing actress/model/American Idol-er Ashley Hartman on the red carpet in Las Vegas. Damn, if Ashley isn’t the hottest 22-year-old blonde hair girl with smashing white teeth and a slight resemblance to Angeline Jolie in the face that we’ve seen today.

UPDATE: After you watch the Ashley Hartman video after the jump, check out photos of her from the same event over at The girl just might be a nipple slip away from becoming the OWCPG of Fall 2007.

Ashley Hartman video interview


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