Clonie Gowen Wants to Go Heads-Up with Paris Hilton

According to a recently dropped press release, Maxim Magazine’s July issue contains a World Series of Poker insert featuring Clonie Gowen. The issue hits stands today.

Aside from being a great poker player and not exactly sore on the eyes, Clonie is also one of those philanthropist-type persons, which we understand means she’s into this word called “charity.” Having never heard this word before, we picked up a nearby dictionary and learned that this “charity” word means something along the lines of “providing relief for the poor.”

And Clonie’s “charitable” efforts specifically involve “helping” needy children.

Which is something that Paris Hilton isn’t exactly into doing, even though she says she is.

Which makes it somewhat ironic that Clonie has challenged Paris to a heads-up “charity” poker match for $100,000.

Says Clonie:

"Paris seems to be a great girl, however, she represents everything that I am not, but now that she has stepped into my world (the poker world) I challenge her to put her poker skills to work for charity. $100,000 will go a long way to helping those in need. Paris, are you in?"

Wethinks Paris, given her track record, may find a way out of this one.


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