Coming This Week On Wicked Chops Poker…

Ok, so we didn’t get to everything we said we would last week.  These "Coming This Week" lists aren’t etched in stone tablets.  Also, a quick hello to Steve Dannenmann, who we spoke with on the phone while he was at a bar after the Cubs game yesterday (after he bumped into FOWCP Maxwell J.).  The picture below if for you…


:: Completion of Top 10 People Who Hate Wicked Chops Poker List. Last week we named peoples 6-10. This week, we may get around to naming 1-5.

:: Finally, Our Final Vegas Trip Report. Part I was epic. Part II was uber-epic. Part III of the trilogy will be biblically-uber-mctwist-epic.

:: Thoughts on Bravo’s Celebrity Poker. We first broke that Phil Hellmuth was replacing Phil Gordon as host of the show. Hopefully we’ll have some words from Hellmuth himself about the new season up for you tomorrow.

:: Friday Night Parting Shot. Each week, we leave you with a lovely lady. This week’s Parting Shot will come via request of last year’s WSOP ME runner-up, Steve Dannenmann.

:: Update of the Top Referrers List. Currently ruled by Pauly, that will all change this week. Somehow, our Ja Rule post got us linked up on a Clay Aiken fan site. Now, they’re one of our top referrers. God works in mysterious ways.


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