Coming This Week…

Let’s set the stage for the world of Wicked Chops Poker this week:

:: The WPT’s World Poker Challenge starts up in Reno, NV today.  Arnold Spee, a Wicked Chops fav, is the defending champ, besting a final table that included Phil Ivey and Blair Rodman last year.  Most of the name pros will be there, including Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu (who last week said he was in consideration to be Gordon’s Celebrity Poker Showdown replacement, a role eventually nabbed by Hellmuth), T.J. Cloutier, Josh Arieh, Erick Lindgren, Joe Sebok, Barry Greenstein, and Phil Ivey.  Not playing are Howard Lederer, Jesus Ferguson, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon (must be presidential campaign fund-raising), and Michael Gracz.

P10_jpg_1:: Chops interviewed Mark Seif last week.  Seif, a proud father of a two-week-old, shared his thoughts on the PPT, poker legalization, and two new movies he’s in, among other topics. Look for the interview later this week.

:: We may or may not reference some hot girls for absolutely no reason other than to include said hot girl’s photo on the site.  For example, in this very sentence, we may write that we have absolutely no idea if My Name is Earl babe Jamie Presley is really a big poker fan or not, and then put her picture at right. 

:: Last week, we wrote about a Canadian poker blogger named Spektacular who dropped a press release telling the world that he has started the world’s 514th poker blog (we were #297 or so). Spek’s blog chronicles his growing of a bankroll from $10 to…who knows?  But it’s growing.  Well, this week, a poker blogger with serious wicked chops will issue a challenge to Spek that will either wipe out his coffer or significantly add to it. Look for this one tomorrow…

:: We’re working on a blogfile with Joe Speaker.  He just returned from the Playboy Mansion.  Pretty sure he won’t have any stories to share on that experience…

:: Lastly, this week marks and or commemorates the one year anniversary of Wicked Chops Poker’s launch. There is a decent chance that we will have something to say about the past year in some way or another or something.


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